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A middle-aged woman:

You have created/facilitated a safe place for me to cry the rivers of tears that should have been shed a lifetime ago. It has been a liberating process for me and as a result I have found my estranged family and have found the courage to take risk and move on. I can now express my love for those who deserve. With your support I have entered a new stage to my life equipped with tools. I can honestly say: Today I am glad to be alive.

A middle-aged man:

Having suffered trauma in my life I have had depression for many years, it’s like being locked in a world of your own even though you are surrounded by people. The brain feels like a ticking clock and someone throws a spanner in the works… …working with Graham, the spanner is slowly being removed and the clock is ticking once again.

On EMDR – Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing  –  a middle-aged man

I’m a man of 49 who (has) suffered the effects of trauma for nearly four decades and can honestly say I felt, prior to my treatment, that I was stuck with these hellish nightmares for ever. It has left me with the memories still abundantly clear but the effect they seem to have on me is actually minimal. It feels like instead of your worst nightmare being under your bed it’s moved to another country too frail to hurt anyone any longer. The treatment has left me feeling my mind has had a damn good spring clean…’

On EMDR – a middle-aged woman

 Somehow the treatment had worked, almost like magic, I couldn’t believe it, I thought to myself how could watching someone’s fingers move from side to side take away such a fear that I had held since childhood. If you have been given the chance to try this amazing therapy PLEASE give it a go as it has really helped me live a normal life…’